Monday, 9 December 2013

Cheap Dollar Store Christmas Decor - Waterless Snow Globes

Christmas decor ideas
Finished Christmas Decor

Okay, okay so it's not about makeup but I love crafty/DIY stuff and thought I'd share some tips with you, I hope you don't mind.

With this time of year it can be hard enough trying to find money for presents, food/drinks and all those other little things.  Let alone having to worry about finding money for decorations and if you're trying to stick to a colour theme it can get quite expensive.  So I wanted to share with you some of my favourite festive decorating tips that your wallet won't hate you for. 

Items you will need: 
Glass Jars:  Apothecary, candy, vases or whatever you have.
Ornaments: I use the spare smaller baubles, you could use candy canes or even bows.
Figurines: Or figurine ornaments.
Fake snow: From the dollar store.  You could use cotton wool, glitter, desiccated coconut.
Ribbons or bows: You could even use the self adhesive type or leave them off completely. You could also use tinsel, bells or garland if you prefer.

This can be really budget friendly if you use items you already have at home.  You could use old ornaments or decorations, old candle or pasta sauce jars etc etc.

I think these jars look lovely as a centerpiece, on the coffee table or on a desk or cabinet that could use some festiveness.

DIY Christmas
Lay out all the items

It's time to house hunt! Find any glass jars, vases or even wine glasses would work with this.  Get creative!

Gather up all of your spare ornaments, bows, ribbon, figurines, candy, you could even do a backdrop with wrapping paper, whatever you like.  

If you are planning on purchasing items for a particular colour scheme or particular figurines, I would recommend measuring your glass jars before you purchase items for them.  I was planning on putting the tree in the image above in the jar next to it but it didn't fit.  The lid cut off the view of the top of the tree so I had to find another jar for it.

Figurines: If you don't have any and can't find any you could try your local hobby shop.
You could make your own with cardboard and glitter.

Christmas Decor tutorial
Day to night

I purchased this glass tree jar from Target last year and all the other jars are from Target.  But I have seen several glass jars at dollar stores.  The bows and baubles were spare decorations and were also from Target.  The light up Christmas tree, figurines and the fake snow were from the dollar store.

Fake snow:  If you can't find fake snow anywhere I'm pretty sure the fake snow I bought is just finely chopped up whtie plastic bag.  If you're using coconut I would use a jar that has a lid. 

Christmas glass jars
Additional Examples

The baubles don't have to be all matching or in a colour scheme.  You could use all different ornaments or decorations and it still looks festive.  I think it looks best when you mix textures like glitter and metallic etc.  You can remove the ties on the baubles but I leave them on because I don't think it distracts too much and I also may want to hang them next year.

I also don't use any glue as the baubles stay in place and the fake snow make the figurines stay.  This means that I change up my designs each year and I can re use the jars/vases for other things throughout the year.  It also means that I don't have to mess around with hot glue guns and tacky glue mess!

Ribbon/Bows: If you're no good at tying ribbon or bows or just find it too fiddly, the bows I used are tie on Christmas tree decorations.  They have wire tinsel ties on the back.  Shhhh! Don't tell anyone ;)

I know that this is not much of a tutorial but I hope it gave you some inspiration and maybe a few tips. 

If you do make any Christmas jars or waterless snow globes, I would love to see your photos on Facebook here, tag me (#littleblacklipstick) on Instagram here or Tweet me here.

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All the best for the holidays!


  1. This is super cute and crafty! I love the Christmas baubles in the vase.

    1. Thank you so much for all the lovely comments, it means a lot. :)